Yangchun Development Fund Uses

Due to the generousity of our families, we raised far more money than needed to fund Mrs. Yu and Mrs. Chen's trip to the USA in August. It was decided to use the balance of the money to benefit the Yangchun orphanage. Below are several items that were purchased in October 2000 at the Hong Kong Toys-R-Us for the orphanage. We are still waiting for friends to help arrange delivery of the goodies to Yangchun, but they should arrive soon! I wish we could be there to see all the happy faces when the delivery is made.

There is still a nice sum of money in the fund, and it is the wishes of many that we try to start a hugging granny program for the Yangchun orphanage. I have done some preliminary research on this, but would love to see someone volunteer for this project - it should be very rewarding.

This is the Little Tykes rocking horse we selected. We purchased two of these. We also picked a Little Tykes whale teeter-totter that has room for up to three kids. This Little Tykes Kangaroo Climber will be making it's way to Yangchun. We thought it was a good choice for the younger kids since it's not too tall.

We purchased this Little Tykes Pooh Tree House. The kids will have wheels when theses arrive. We bought both the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe and the Step 2 Van for Two.

We also tried to select an assortment of toys for the younger babies (preferably not battery operated). We did add a couple more little things after taking this photo. We picked out two of this adorable
"Hello Kitty" pink trike.

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