The Children of Yangchun

Meet some more of the beautiful children from Yangchun City, Guangdong Province who have joined their forever families.

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Mei-Lin BalthofKali Godshall
 Mei-Lin Balthof Kali Godshall

Sydnee Mizuno #1 Sydnee Mizuno #2Sydnee Mizuno #3

Sydnee JuanFu Mizuno

Stephanie Winniford #1 Stephanie Winniford #2

Stephanie Ann Winniford

Tiana NobleAbby Bert #1Abby Bert #2
 Tiana NobleAbigail Feng Bert

Jessica GanttEmily Schwartz
 Jessica Chunqiu GanttEmily Grace Schwartz

Genai Troy #1 Genai Troy #2

Genai Xiu Troy

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